What We Do

When you come into our salon one of our team will sit down with you and go over the options that are available.  You can choose from different lash styles and whether you want natural or synthetic lash extensions.  Lash extensions can only be applied by a trained technician, you are always in good hands with Raleigh Lash Extensions. 

Here are some of the services that we offer our clients:

Full Set of Extensions: The first time you visit our salon for extensions then you will get a full set of extensions.  The visit will take about 90 minutes so leave yourself enough time for the appointment.  You can sit back and relax, listen to music or even have a nap while our technician carefully applies your extensions.

Lash Refill: Lash refills should be done every two weeks or so to keep your lashes looking full, lush and most importantly looking natural.  Our technicians will replace and extensions that may have fallen off along with adding extensions to new lashes that have grown in.  The procedure can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to make your extension look brand new.

Lash Touch Up: If you have a special occasion you need to attend such as a photo shoot, corporate event or any formal event then you may want to touch up your lashes in between appointments so you are looking your best.  Allow yourself about 30-45 minutes for the appointment and our technicians will have you looking your absolute best.

Lash Extension Removal: If you want to go back to your natural lashes then our team will take care of removing your extensions for you. 

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Choose Your Style

What style of lashes suit you best?

Lash Styles

There are several different lash styles that you can choose from.  

Here are some of the styles you can select:

Natural Lashes:  For natural lashes our technicians will work with the natural shape of your eye.  The lashes will be a bit shorter in the inner corner, much like your own lashes and flare at the outer corner.  This style works with any type of eye and always looks gorgeous. 

Sexy Lashes:  If your makeup style tends to be a smoky eye or cat eyes then these are the perfect lashes for you.  The extensions are longer on the outside of your eyes giving you a sleek and sexy look. 

Fashion Lashes:  For these styles of lashes we use longer lash extensions in the center, this makes your eyes look bigger.  This is the style of lashes that you will see in most fashion magazines.